MasterCraft Groms Series – Stop 3 and “King of Groms” Results
Monday 12th February 2007

Another day of top riding, we saw a change in the placings in the under 19’s.. Paul Maguire laid it down to win the 3rd stop stomping his whirley Bird and H5.. But Darren Bishop coming in 2nd but kept it cool and took out the “MasterCraft KING OF GROMS” for 2007 and $500.00 cash, 2nd was Paul Maguire with Under 15’s rider Nick Gibson from Orakei Karako stepping up and killing it, Brendon Ellis came out with his guns blazing throwing everything big on a “do or die attitude” but just not sticking it which saw him come in on 4th spot.

Nick Gibson also dominated the three stops in the under 15’s, which also gave him the title of “under 15’s KING OF GROMS” and $600.00 for both wins, with littleman Talor Walters stomping it coming in 2nd place with Jamie Marsh not far off him for in 3rd place, We’ve seen Jamie really step it up this year and has a whole new bag of tricks, just not sticking them on the day!

For the groms under 10’s, these kids stepped it up every stop, Talor Walters taking the “KING OF GROMS under 10’s” with him stomping his inverts saw him walk away with a total of $750.00 cash(for both wins) with Regan Carlyon coming in on 2nd place, then Michael Leask hitting home with his 3rd place, then young gun Bradley Marsh getting 4th with only doing 2 stops as he was out with a tweaked knee on stop one.
A late entry and taught by our legend Ralph saw Bailey Firman give contest riding a go getting 6th, the wake was up to his shoulder but this young man gave it his all best.

Results for Stop three at Karapiro Domain:

Under 19’s:

1st Paul Maquire 91.00
2nd Darren Bishop 78.00
3rd Nick Gibson 64.00
4th Brendon Ellis 46.00
4th Callum Farquharson 46.00
5th Beau Gibson 36.00

Under 15’s:

1st Nick Gibson 93.00
2nd Talor Walters 68.50
3rd Kyle Asplin 59.00
4th Jamie Marsh 50.50
5th Regan Carlyon 45.00
6th Sophie Schollum 32.00

Under 10’s:

1st Talor Walters 66.00
2nd Regan Carlyon 51.00
2nd Bradley Marsh 51.00
3rd Micheal Leask 36.00
4th Bailey Firman 25.00


UNDER 19’s:

1st Darren Bishop 245.50
2nd Paul Maquire 225.00
3rd Nick Gibson 187.00
4th Brendon Ellis 150.00
4th Beau Gibson 132.50.
5th Callum Farquharson 79.00

Under 15’s:

1st Nick Gibson 270.00
2nd Talor Walters 193.50
3rd Jamie Marsh 180.00
4th Kyle Asplin 160.00
5th Regan Carlyon 140.00
6th Sophie Schollum 94.00
7th Anzac Riley 59.00
8th Mytes Owen 41.00
9th Logan Owens 28.00
10th Jordan King 26.5
11th Jason Heatherley 24.00

Under 10’s:

1st Talor Walters 221.00
2nd Regan Carlyon 176.00
3rd Micheal Leask 126.00
4th Bradley Marsh 103.50
5th Tyler King 34.50
6th Bailey Firman 25.00

Best of all, was seeing all the riders smiling and having fun, with out you guys this would not of happened!

Would like to thank:

Ants, Brant and Brad, You boys rock! We have seen you boys at nearly every comp this year setting up, running, driving, judging and organizing and making wakeboarding happen.. big ups!!

Also a huge THANKS to the Sonya, Ellis’s, Gibsons, Bishops, Bevan, Ralph, Dave Leask, Marty and Napier Crew, my staff and my sign writer Phillipa, MasterCraft USA/UK, and all our sponsers and other helpers I may of forgotten.