Wakeboarding New Zealand is a not for profit incorporated society registered in New Zealand.

The objectives of the association are:

  1. To provide a national association for those involved in, or interested in the sport of wakeboarding in New Zealand.
  2. To encourage participation in the sport of wakeboarding in New Zealand.
  3. To promote and develop the sport of wakeboarding in New Zealand.
  4. To encourage, and foster, the formation of regional wakeboarding clubs and groupings within New Zealand.
  5. To liaise with and where possible co-operate and work with, wakeboarding clubs and organisations in other parts of the world.
  6. To run wakeboarding events and competitions, and, from time to time, national championships for wakeboarding in New Zealand.
  7. To select wakeboarders to represent New Zealand at domestic, overseas and international, wakeboarding events.
  8. To work with, and if appropriate affiliate to, organisation whose purposes and aims are deemed by the association to coincide with, or be compatible with, the other objects of the association.
  9. To sponsor, encourage, or promote all of the foregoing objects.