The Wake NZ season kicked off today at a perfectly glass calm Taupo Wake Park.

This was the first of our 2017 ability-based comps, and the official results are as follows:

Rookie / Novice:

  • 1st: Chloe Pratt
  • 2nd: Ben Pratt


Straight Air:

  • 1st: Sarah Linton
  • 2nd: Brooke Wilson
  • 3rd: Sam Pratt



  • 1st: Stephen Pratt
  • 2nd: Josh Barns


Inverter Advanced:

  • 1st: Anthony East
  • 2nd: Kyle Kennedy
  • 3rd: James Robinson


Open Women’s:

  • 1st: Lorena Vergara


Open Men’s:

  • 1st: Francesco Hazelwood
  • 2nd: Regan Carlyon
  • 3rd: Mike Brown


Youngest rider: Ben Pratt (6)

Biggest crash: Dale Smith

Big Air: Francesco Hazelwood