We encourage riders of all abilities to have a go at competing in a Wake NZ event. It’s a great opportunity to ride behind the best wake boats, and meet a lot of like-minded people!

Here’s what you need to know in order to enter a Wake NZ competition:

  1. You need to first sign up as a member of Wake NZ for the current season (runs from 1 Oct to 30 Sept). You can choose a One Comp membership if you’re a new competitor and only plan to ride in one event this season, or select Full Membership if you plan to ride in one or more events. You can process payment for your Wake NZ membership here: https://www.nzwaterski.co.nz/page/wakeboarding-nz.html
  2. Find the event you want to compete in, on our Events page.
  3. On the event page you will find a registration link, which will be setup on the liveheats website. This is where you register for the actual event, select your division and pay your entry fee.